Humanitarian aid report April

Humanitarian aid report April

The Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation is working tirelessly to raise funds and provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

Thanks to your incredible support, since Feb 24th 2022, we have been able to:

💶 Raise €323,504

🚚 Send 78 trucks of humanitarian aid, containing:

  • 🪢107,114 kg essentials for survival
  • 🥫 81,179 kg food products
  • 👧 45,190 kg children’s goods
  • 🧼 36,897 kg hygiene items
  • 💊 34,517 kg medicine and medical supplies
  • 🔌 2,466 kg electronics
  • 🛡 2,694 kg protective equipment
  • 🚗 8 vehicles

Humanitarian aid in Ukraine has already been received by:

  1. Regional humanitarian offices in Odessa and Uzhgorod.
  2. Charitable Foundations “Kharkiv with You”, “Keritas Berezhany” (Ternopil), “Dobryn” (Sumy).
  3. Charity exchange “Dobrodiy” (Dnipro).
  4. Public Organizations “Principle of Consciousness” (Lviv), “Virni Narodu” (Lviv), “D.O.M.48.24” (Ivano-Frankivsk).
  5. Ivano-Frankivsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  6. Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre (Lviv).
  7. Poltava Regional Military Administration.⠀

Thank you for your invaluable support! Let’s keep going! Ukraine needs us! Together to victory!