Stichting Oekraïners in Nederland

Support Peace and Freedom

Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation

Ukraine Oekraïne Україна

Українці в Нідерландах

Who We Are

The Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation supports the needs of the Dutch Ukrainian diaspora. And is also working tirelessly to counter the catastrophic consequences of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Our foundation is cooperating with the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

What We Do

Our growing team of 500+ volunteers is tirelessly working day and night to end the war and help those whose lives have been tragically disrupted by it. Our initiatives include:

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

We coordinate and supply priority assistance for those impacted by the war, whether within Ukraine or beyond its borders

Displaced People Support

Displaced People Support

We help thousands of displaced Ukrainians by providing informational support and coordinating mental health support, translation, and humanitarian aid.

Events & Activism

Events & Activism

We organize initiatives about Ukraine, from informational and cultural events to peaceful demonstrations

Community Services

Community Services

We sponsor and support schools, churches, organizations and other social platforms that serve the Ukrainian diaspora and our Dutch allies

Our Achievements


Volunteers involved into humanitarian supplies, logistics, displaced people support


Euros spent for bulk purchases


Kilograms of humanitarian and protective supplies sent to Ukraine


All donations go directly to Ukraine, our operating costs are zero

Our partners & Sponsors